How do I make a purchase?

Go to buy or any album page and then click the Add to Cart button. If you have been successful a note will tell you that your album was “successfully added to your cart.”

If you are ready to buy then click “View Cart”

In the cart you will see a summary of your purchases with shipping.

If you are happy with your purchase click “Proceed to Checkout”

In Checkout complete your shipping address and click “Ship to a different address?” if you want to send the album to a different address eg as a gift.

When you have finished putting in your details click “Process order”

You will then go to Paypal

Process your payment with paypal. Fill out your details and credit card details and then click Complete. The payment will be processed and you will be redicted back to

But I don’t want to pay with paypal?

Paypal is a secure payment process each credit card transaction

If you would like a CD and pay another way contact us